Ask a Disney Bride

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Ask a Disney Bride

Mindy Marzec
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Congrats, you’re engaged! Welcome to one of the most exciting times of your lives … and one of the most confusing.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a fairy tale wedding at Disney since you were little, or maybe you just discovered Disney weddings are a “thing.” Whatever brought you to this book, welcome!

I assume you have a lot of questions about getting married at Disney, which is perfect because I have a lot of answers! Having spent nearly a decade immersed in the magical world of Disney weddings, I have seen the same questions and concerns time and again.

Since I don’t work for Disney I can’t answer questions on behalf of Disney. But I can happily guide you in the right direction and try my best to provide useful advice to some of the most common Disney wedding struggles you might encounter.

Questions (and answers) include:

How Do We Know if We Can Afford a Disney Wedding?

How Do We Get Started with a Disney Wedding?

Will Our Guests Be Excited About a Destination Wedding?

Can We Still Have a Magical Wedding at Home?

What Should I Expect from My Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?

Is it Okay to Have an Adults-Only Wedding at Disney?

Our Guests Are Making Fun of Our Disney Wedding; What Should I Say to Them?

Are Honeymoon Registries Basically Asking for Cash?

How Do I Deal with Post-Wedding Depression?

And much more!

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